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A Study on Smart Home Apps

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about ftw foundation

FTW Foundation is a Philippine nonprofit providing free Data Science and AI training for women. Our dynamic community is where people and companies believe that the Philippines can be one of the data capitals of the world.

Last August 10, 2019, we had our second batch of scholars present their Data Science + AI projects with topics ranging from fire incidents, break free from plastic movement, smart home apps to student test performance.

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a study on smart home apps

Cortex sponsored a capstone project made by Team FRIENDS which is all about user segmentation of app behavior. It aims to determine different user behavior on the app through the use of various techniques such as visualization, clustering and RF Analysis

Renzy Bantigue, Nyssa Michelle Kho, and Frances Erika Claravall provided the company facts and figures on how the customers use the mobile application through data analytics and then crafted a machine learning model that will cluster the customers based on their app usage. The group used these insights to provide recommendations to the company, such as marketing campaigns and product improvement to show the practical benefits of smart air conditioning to the mainstream market.


about cortex

Cortex Technologies Corporation is a fully owned subsidiary of Concepcion Industrial Corporation, and was established in 2017 as part of CIC’s long-term vision to make innovation a core strength of the business.

They are are dedicated to exploring emerging technology and working with entrepreneurs and strategic partners to innovate and commercialize new business models, products, and services.

Smart Cooling technology allows their consumers to monitor air-con power consumption to ensure no bill shock with the use of their apps.