Deadline: 11:59 PM September 29, 2019


Don't be nervous. This is just an assessment. 

If you're like most of our past scholars or staff, it's probably been a while since your last math or tech class. In fact, 90% of the scholars and alumni did not know how to code before joining FTW Foundation. 

We only have 30 scholarships and expect over 1000+ women to apply. To be great in this program, you have to be able to learn on your own as well as in a class setting, so the next part is to assess your ability to learn independently for mathematical reasoning. 

We'll give you some materials to review and the assessment itself will consist of 50 questions and limited to 90 minutes. Feel free to take your time reviewing the material before taking the the assessment, as you'll only have one chance to take it. 

About the study materials

We know the reviewer is long but we promise it’s written by humans! We suggest you concentrate on four sections in particular:

  1. Arithmetic (Integers, Exponents, Percent)

  2. Algebra (Rules of Exponents, Solving Linear Equations, Functions)

  3. Geometry (Quadrilaterals)

  4. Data Analysis (All topics)


When you’re done with the reviewing, we will assess your knowledge in general math, probability and statistics, and graph interpretation. Applicants who finish the assessments early and qualify for interviews will get first pick on the interview schedule.

The assessment is broken down into three topics for a total of 90 minutes:

1) General Mathematics (30 minutes)

2) Probability and Statistics (30 minutes)

3) Graph Interpretation Test (30 minutes) 

You will see a TIMER on the top of the page. This assessment consists of 50 multiple choice questions and is not meant to be easy. Just answer as many questions as you can in the best way you can.

You’ll only have one chance to take the assessment.

Good Luck and we hope to meet you soon!