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No one can do everything. Together, we can make a difference. Make an impact and help FTW in its vision to
turn the Philippines into the first data capital of the world.

Vision and Values

For The Women (FTW) Foundation is a nonprofit, dynamic learning community for data science and artificial intelligence in Manila! Our community is where people and companies who believe the Philippines can be one of the data capitals of the world.

Our Data Science and AI Instructors train technical professionals with programming experience to solve data science problems utilizing innovative educational techniques. We are looking for experienced data scientists and AI researchers who are problem solvers with demonstrated flexibility and curiosity. Join us in making Manila the data capital of the world for education in data science and AI engineering.

As a Data Science & AI instructor at FTW Foundation, you will:

  • Deliver lectures and tutorials on scientific Python, SQL, probability, statistics (Bayesian and frequentist), machine learning, AI, and data engineering.

  • Lead day-long courses maintaining a strong presence in the classroom and managing other instructional staff.

  • Deftly and patiently field student questions and provide feedback in lectures and office hours.

  • Build and refine data science & AI curriculum and assignments.

  • Utilize student feedback and experimentation to continuously improve teaching and assessment methods.

  • Evaluate new tools, packages, and tutorials for use in the curriculum.

  • Contribute to local groups, admissions, and nurture activities, such as attendance at or hosting  meetups, speaking at conferences, leading workshops (day time and/or evening), etc.

Professional Development

  • At FTW Foundation, we strive to provide meaningful professional development opportunities for our team. Here are just a few of the ways you will continue to grow and “level-up” as a data scientist and a teacher:

  • There’s no better way to learn than to teach! You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll develop skills you thought you were already an expert in just by helping students and planning lessons.

  • This is a rare opportunity for the right data/ai professionals to be able to do their own research, teach, get paid market rate, and actually do something that matters to nation building

  • Become the best instructor you can be with ongoing training and support.

Expected Experience

  • 2+ years of experience in industry in a Data Scientist or Software Engineer role

  • Strong understanding in the topics we teach:Power BI, scientific Python, probability, statistics (Probability, A/B Testing, Bayesian methods, Regression methods, Time Series), SQL, Machine Learning (Decision Trees, Random Forest, Boosting, Support Vector Machines, Clustering, Natural Language Processing, Recommenders, Graphs), Data Engineering (Hadoop, Hive, and MapReduce), Data Visualization (d3), and data at scale.

  • Excellent and Proven Communicator

  • For more details on the program go to

  • Multiple years of experience teaching a quantitative subject strongly preferred

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