Good Game, Well Played : The Makings of a Successful Video Game



FTW Foundation is a Philippine nonprofit providing free Data Science and AI training for women. Our dynamic community is where people and companies believe that the Philippines can be one of the data capitals of the world.

Last August 10, 2019, we had our second batch of scholars present their Data Science + AI projects with topics ranging from fire incidents, break free from plastic movement, smart home apps to student test performance.

Leona Mei Villanueva and Alyssa Melody Frias Paglumotan tried to find out the factors that could be affecting the success of a game and suggest possible considerations in creating one in the future.

The project of Team Data Guardians describes and predicts the performance of games across different genres in an online gaming platform, such as Steam, and identify the factors critical to the product’s success. The capstone project uses clustering algorithms to group the games  based on key indicators of its success such as rating and achievement percentage.