For The Women Foundation is an immersive school designed to teach women data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for free.

92% of our alumni did not have prior coding or technology experience before joining the program.

Our blended classes are taught over 14 Saturdays.
As a scholar, you’ll learn a lot in our immersive program.
Amongst many lessons, you’ll learn:

Multiple methods of mathematical and statistical analyses

How to create and apply algorithms

Python programming 

Executive Presence

Data Storytelling

In the United States and the European Union, similar programs charge $11,800 (~₱613,000). We provide it for free.

 We’re building a community. We’re building women’s movement from diverse backgrounds and we’re taking a data-driven, non-traditional approach.

Recent studies have shown that a college degree is not indicative of future performance. We’re looking for 30 unstoppable women who want to redefine their careers and change their lives by gaining world-class data science and AI skills. Here’s a snapshot of our scholars and alumni before they joined FTW Foundation’s Data Science and AI program:

By the stats

32.5% were unemployed

27.3 years average age

12.5% were self-employed or freelancers

Some of their educational backgrounds




Political Science

Veterinary Medicine

Computer Science



What would you do if your past didn’t matter?

This is how much data the world generates each minute:

188,000,000 emails

4,497,420 Google searches

694,444 hours of videos watched on Netflix

18,100,000 text messages

Every company, government, school, hospital, organization, and person generates and collects data all of the time. If you have the skills to understand large amounts of data and communicate what it means to other people, you’ll always be valuable. 

future-proof your career


Where some of our alumni work

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